Telling at 30th  Bay Area Storytelling Festival in 2016

Photo by Gini Cunningham

Photo below by
Gini Cunningham

Storyteller Craig "Hackin' 'Boo" Harrison

Photo by Gini Cunningham

Tellabration in Santa Rosa Nov. Storytelling Assoc. of California's 30th Bay Area Storytelling Festival

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Telling Tales of Humor & Humanity
HACKIN' BOO' Harrison

Telling under the name "Hackin' 'Boo," Craig Harrison's tales of humor and humanity tickle funny bones and touch hearts. Craig, who grew up in the People's Republic of Berkeley during the 60's, tells tales in and out of school, as well as from his travels to numerous countries on six continents.

"Bird watching" story

at NSF in Jonesborough, TN 2005

Telling in Gengcun, PRC 2006

The Wizard of Or(inda)

Craig is a past editor and publisher of Storyline, the newsletter of the Storytelling Association of California. Craig was on the committee of the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, now planning its 30th festival in 2016. He was 2007-08 vice-chair of the Storytelling Association of California ( he completed his sixth year on this board in 2009), is a professional member of the National Storytellers Network, and founded the Storytellers Professional Emphasis Group (PEG) of the National Speakers Association in 2007.

Craig has authored multiple storytelling articles for NSN's Storytelling magazine, SAC's Storyline and a number of his 70-plus articles for Toastmaster magazine are on storytelling.

Download copies of recent (2010) and past (2005-06) editions of SAC's Storyline newsletter Craig edited here.

Listen to Craig's teleseminar for professional storytellers entitled Homegrown Humor: Prospecting Your Past to Find your OWN Stories. Download the associated handout.

Download his PDF handout on Prospecting Your Past from the 2014 Tejas Storytelling Festival outside Dallas, held Mar 6-9.

Griot interview of Mary Trahan

StoryCorps Interview with Mom!
(Surprise: stories were all 'bout food!)

Birthing Storytellers' PEG for NSA
in Aug. 2007 with Beverly Babb

As The Very Reverend
Verbal T.Toastmaster

Selected Stories of Hackin' 'Boo:

Boff! Shazaam!! Kaboom!!! Holy Humanities: How One Boy Learned to Read

Oh, Say Can You Sing? (Situational Leadership Lessons from the Mouths of Kids)

Homegrown Humor: Of Course He's A Riot…He Sells Recycled Jokes in the PRB!

Growing Up in the PRB: My Childhood in Berkeley During the 60's

A Tale of Two Elections: A True California Political Coaching Story

A Blind Date With Destiny — How I Became A Professional Storyteller

On Top Down Under: Basketball barnstorming in Australia with Youth for Understanding

Twice Told Pork: Tales of Traveling to Gengcun, China on the 2006 Nu Wa Storytelling Expedition

Hard Luck As A Hard Hat — How I Learned to Love White Collar Work

Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud…C. Funk Rides the Pine (1968)

From Errors to Excellence: A True Baseball Story of Historic Proportions…September 14, 1986

The Day I Made Sinbad Laugh! (Craig's Brush with Fame)

Storytelling On A Shoestring (Travels and Travails of a Stringent Storyteller)

KQED Pledge Drivin' with SAC Board! How 'bout 'dem T's?

Relatin: Story Listenin' & Tellin' (Photo by Julie Bown)

With NuWa delegation in PRC (that's me in the red shirt!) in Gengcun
on our last day in the village

NSA Storytellers PEG co-founders
Craig and Vincent Kituku CSP

Praise for Craig's Storytelling presentations at meetings, conferences and conventions:

The Speaker as Storyteller: Presentation to Storytellers professional Emphasis Group (PEG) at NSA Convention July 18, 2009 in Phoenix ([handout with reading list]) Evaluations to be posted upon receipt.

The Speaker as Storyteller: Presentation to Heartland NSA chapter Nov. 8, 2008 in Kansas City.
(Read Letter of Appreciation)

Homegrown Humor: Prospecting Your Past to Discover Your Own Stories, Nov. 21, 2008 in Scottsdale, AZ.
(Read evaluation summaries from the Fall Conference of the National Speakers Association).

Story Tell Story Sell: Sales Through Storytelling, August 4, 2008 in NYC.
(Read evaluation summaries from the Fall Conference of the National Speakers Association).

Bouverie Preserve Docent Training on Storytelling to 3rd & 4th Graders, February 4, 2009
Handout available upon request. Read Craig's Letter of Appreciation.

Training docents at a Nature Preserve

SAAC board vice chair '07-08

Hangin with Eth-Noh-Tec

Priestly Benediction, Chinese style!

With venerated master storyteller in Gengcun, PRC

Emcee at Tellabration!™ 2010:
The Cat with the Plan

At NSN Conference with Baba the Storyteller and Griot Michael D. McCarty

Still Celebrating Berkeley's Free Speech Movement

Promoting Bay Area Storytelling Festival in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains in June, 2013

Presenting Homegrown Humor Workshop at Tejas Storytelling Festival in Denton TX in 2014.

Spinning Stories at Elizabeth Ellis'
2014 Tejas Storytelling Festival outside Dallas

Makin mirth at the Story Inn, Story Indiana


Interviewing Dad through David Isay's
StoryCorps at Stagebridge in Oakland

With the late Orunamamu, AKA Yellow Legs, AKA Mary Beth Washington, AKA Mary Stofel...and her live snake, March 2013.

Telling Native American Tale of Dogs Holding An Election, told on a bridge at Blake Gardens, Kensington CA for Storytelling Assoc. of CA.
(Photos by Gini Cunningham)

As Emcee at 33rd Bay Area
Storytelling Festival 'Makin Money' with Motoko!

Feeling Animated while Hangin' with Minnie & Walt at Disney in Burbank CA, May 2015

Comparing mouth guards with NSA Cavett Award recipient Jeanne Robertson, humorist, storyteller
and everyone's favorite Miss Congeniality!

Namaste!...These Tibetan chimes toll for thee!
(Photo by Gini Cunningham)

Backstage with Chocktaw Teller and fellow Toastmaster Tim Tingle at the 29th Bay Area Storytelling Festival in April 2015

team telling in Gengcun

Team Tellers take a bow in Gengcun
(That's Good!)

lady tellers in China
Craig among master tellers in Gengcun, PRC
A mighty wind, Gengcun, PRC
Craig tells story of "a mighty wind" at a banquet,
in Gengcun, PRC in 2006 with Nu Wa Storytellers
Craig telling Echo story in private home in Gengcun, PRC
Craig telling Echo story in Gengcun, PRC, 2006

Storytelling audiences are the BEST!

We Love Drama!
We love Drama! Don't you?
They Laughed!
Craig's Homegrown Humor a Hit at 30th and final Bay Area Storytelling Festival in Orinda CA
Truth and Falsehood: Craig with Bil Lepp, perennial Tall Tales champion
Truth & Falsehood:
Craig with Tall Tales champ Bil Lepp


As The Very Reverend Verbal T. Toastmaster giving the "Praise Be Toastmasters!" sermon

(510) 547-0664
Travels from Berkeley
(SF Bay Area)